2017 USAA Military Pay Deposit Dates

2017 USAA Military Pay Deposit Dates

Don’t forget that you can find all the updated 2017 military pay charts here at Military.com.

Looking for information on the upcoming payday?  See 1 December 2017 Military Pay for more information.

I’m getting a lot of questions about the dates that USAA will deposit military pay for 2017.

For those of you who are planning ahead (yay!!), here is a list of the dates when you should see your military pay credited to your USAA accounts.  The 2017 USAA military pay deposit dates are one business day prior to the actual military paydays.


Note the few long pay periods in there:

  • January end-of-month, 19 days,
  • May end-of-month, 19 days,
  • July end-of-month, 18 days,
  • October end-of-month, 19 days.

USAA offers early direct deposit of active duty military pay as a benefit to its customers, pending the receipt of the information from the appropriate agency in time to credit the pay earlier than the actual payday.  It is designed to make USAA banking products more attractive than the other options out there.  From the information I’ve gathered, it seems to work.  I estimate that 80% of my readers use USAA for their banking needs, which is pretty impressive given the other options out there.

While deposits frequently happen in the morning, the pay may be credited at any time on the business day prior to the actual military payday.  I get a lot of email saying, “It’s 2:34 am, and my pay deposit hasn’t been credited yet!”  My response is always, “Go back to bed.  Check again in a couple of hours.  If it’s not there, then give it a couple MORE hours.”  In 99% of the cases, just waiting is the solution to this problem.

On the slim chance that payday has come and gone, and you truly haven’t gotten paid, then there are some logical steps you can take to hunt down the source of the problem.  What If I Don’t Get Paid? takes you through the process of tracking down missing pay.

Knowing when you’ll get paid is a great step in planning ahead.  Use these 2017 USAA military pay deposit dates to create your spending plans so you can have a financially fabulous 2017!

Calculate your military pay with the latest approved pay rates — download the Military.com Pay App for Android on Google Play or for iPhone on iTunes.

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